Let Us Be Strong

As Humans we feel so many different emotions. We can be happy and joyful over something. We can be so mad at the world the next minute. We can shed tears over a situation so sad and we carry so much emotion within who we are. How we were created is PHENOMENAL!

You know I wonder if people ever stop to consider the fact that emotions and the mind set are two very powerful things that we have. It is all about how you control those emotions and the thoughts that happen in your head when your in the moment. I remember thinking one day about how angry I was. I was so angry about something that just happened to me. I mean I wanted to just jump out of my skin. Than after calming down and thinking about how I was going to handle the situation something inside of me changed. I was no longer angry but I was in a wonder. I was wondering how I could let something get me so upset.

I know that as Humans we are made this way; but we are also made for incredible things. We are stronger than we presume in this life that we live. We tend to limit ourselves and allow other things and people to control us in ways sometimes that don’t need to be. We forget that history can name some of the great successes in the world and all that they have achieved; but why just them? Why should the greatness only be those people? Why should it only be limited to the one’s that make it? But why do they make it?

It’s all about the difference in controlling the emotions and the mind set. Making sure to overcome those trials and tribulations and saying YES I CAN! Choosing to get together for one of the Nations most amazing sports events of the year ┬áThe Olympics just to watch the incredibles. However, we are all incredible. We are all capable of these outstanding actions and accomplishments. We are only limited to our mindset and the control of our emotions. We were born to strive and change the world in an unspeakable way. Which one are you? LET US BE STRONG!!


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the bad and the ugly. That is what life consist of. Life gets crazy sometimes and you don’t know where to turn. The good gives you light at the end of the tunnel; so you can keep that little bit of hope you have left. The bad and the ugly is altogether scary and horrible. In the midst of all this your testimony is created. For those of you who don’t know what a testimony is; it is the moments in your life that define who you are and what you have been through. You were put on this earth for a great purpose. You have to take these moments and share it with others. Your testimony can do great changes in someone’s life. We are so quick to react to people and the way they are sometimes that we don’t see what they have hidden behind all their emotion. There is so much to relate to in someone else that we need to use our testimony to reveal it. So the next time you come across someone having a bad day with a whole lot of attitude just think to yourself; ” what happened to that person in their life to make them act this way?” Next thing you know your having compassion for them.