A Mothers Strength


When you first become pregnant all that you have on your mind is your baby. How your baby is going to look, how your baby is going to laugh, how your going to be able to take care of such a small tiny person, and how you can’t wait to see your baby do all the amazing things they were meant to do.It never crosses your mind that one day you would be sitting in a waiting room of the Loma Linda Hospital waiting for your second born to come out of surgery.

As Mothers we think about all the good and beautiful things that are babies are going to endure; but when that moment hits that they need help far beyond your care…your whole world stops. From the time he was born, my middle son was always so happy. He was lay back, relaxed, smart and goofy. He still is everyday and every moment. These are all the things that I am keeping in my mind to keep me strong as their operating on his little body. We found out just earlier this year that he would have to get Hernia Surgery. Now for some people that may not be a big deal, but for a Mother that is one of the scariest things we could ever go through. Your precious child in harms way. Every second that he is back there feels like eternity.

For our Children we are their caregivers, their nurturers, and their protectors. So at a time like this when all I can do is leave it in the hands of God and the Surgeons I pray like there’s no tomorrow. God created us Mothers to be survivors, conquerers, inspirations; but most of all to be strong in the midst of the storm. This is where my faith and strength are tested the most; when my babies lives are on the line. I will continue to know that they will overcome and that the strength God gave me is no where compare to the hearts, minds, souls, and spirits that God blessed me with in all of my babies. They are truly a blessing to me and they are MY STRENGTH!