I Refuse!

Everyday I have to take care of my priorities, before I take care of myself. I am a mother of three boys, I have cars and bills that need to be paid on time. I am someone who has to do it, even if I don’t want to do it.

For example, staying at a job that I don’t want to do anymore, but I have no choice. There is no one that can pick up the weight to relieve me. I’m ok with that, but what I’m not ok with; is doing it for the rest of my life. I refuse to live from pay check to pay check and not have a home. I refuse to sit here and settle for less and be stuck at a job that will never satisfy me. I refuse to let this world dictate my situation just because I had my first son at eighteen years old. I refuse to quit! I refuse to say it’s ok that other people can become successful, but I can’t!

No, I can! I will work it out to where I can switch to a job that will allow me to work towards my future. I will get a home for my boys by the time I’m 30 because they deserve it. My husband and I will travel the world when we get older and not have to worry about money. I refuse to believe any less! I refuse to let situations in life take my joy and my progress away from me! I refuse to let the things that people say stop me from moving forward, because one day I will be giving them part of that dream come true! They will have nothing left to say at that moment, but I refuse to boast! I will continue to stay humble and trust in God! I refuse to die and leave no legacy behind for the ones I love!

Watch me make this happen, because I refuse not to!


Try to Understand

Try to understand we are people everyday no matter our skin color…

We hustle hard and try making a living each day. Just because you have more money than me doesn’t make you better. Just because you don’t have two nickels to rub together doesn’t make you a loser. Just because you were raised in the church doesn’t make you a saint. Just because you were raised in the hood doesn’t mean you didn’t graduate.

Try to understand I have a life to live too…

The life of someone you don’t know always has a story behind it. The life of someone you do know might have a tragic scene aside it. The life of someone you don’t know could have death or happy endings. The life of someone you do know could have forgiveness while it’s mending.

Try to understand what I’m saying is my own perception…

I was told to act this way and that; and to learn to not blow it. I was only taught what my mother or father were given and show it. I’ll continue to make my decisions as the person I am. My past is not my present I will take a stand.

Try to understand…