No More Excuses

I promised that I wouldn’t make excuses anymore. That I would stand tall and proud in the crowd this time. I would let my talent reign and show the world what I have to offer. I would climb mountains, swim oceans and even run marathons far and wide. I will go the distance as I live on in my life. I will exasperate all options and put up a fight. I am the greatest of my kind because there is only me. I am the nose, the eyes, and my flesh is what you see. I was born for a purpose. I was created to be a vision like no other. I was born with tough skin to make it through rough weather. I will become all I am meant to be whether you believe me or not. The truth is it doesn’t matter what you think because I’m already on top.

I am my greatest accomplishment as I get through life each day. I don’t need to show it off, I got blessed to wake up and say. The world will try to hold me to their own circumstance; but God said “not to worry for he already conquered the land!” Better yet he said the world and with lightning and thunder; I let it rain on your parade with showers of wonder. Leave you there to think about it all as I go to get my title. No more excuses this is futile and I am a given disciple.

So if people pretend and than refuse to know this. I’ll still go and tell my testimony and make no more excuses like Moses


At a Stand Still

Do you ever feel like you’re at a stand still? Like the whole world is moving at a pace and people are going some where but you feel like you aren’t? Do you ever hold your breath, just to feel your heart beat stop to remind you that you are still alive? Does anything else matter at this point when you feel like you have no direction?

The truth is there could be a number of reasons you feel your life is at a stand still. It could just be that you took a moment to take in the scene that’s in front of you; just to be mesmerized by the beauty of the land and not what’s placed in it. Than again you could be going through a job loss or a heart break and you feel there’s no where to turn to. That even when you explain yourself to people, they just don’t seem to get you. I think sometimes we don’t even understand ourselves for a moment. Yes, this all sounds confusing but when you’re at a stand still trying to find where your meant to go… the face is a puzzling expression.

or is it just me? I guess I’ll just stand here and wait and see.

Try to Understand

Try to understand we are people everyday no matter our skin color…

We hustle hard and try making a living each day. Just because you have more money than me doesn’t make you better. Just because you don’t have two nickels to rub together doesn’t make you a loser. Just because you were raised in the church doesn’t make you a saint. Just because you were raised in the hood doesn’t mean you didn’t graduate.

Try to understand I have a life to live too…

The life of someone you don’t know always has a story behind it. The life of someone you do know might have a tragic scene aside it. The life of someone you don’t know could have death or happy endings. The life of someone you do know could have forgiveness while it’s mending.

Try to understand what I’m saying is my own perception…

I was told to act this way and that; and to learn to not blow it. I was only taught what my mother or father were given and show it. I’ll continue to make my decisions as the person I am. My past is not my present I will take a stand.

Try to understand…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the bad and the ugly. That is what life consist of. Life gets crazy sometimes and you don’t know where to turn. The good gives you light at the end of the tunnel; so you can keep that little bit of hope you have left. The bad and the ugly is altogether scary and horrible. In the midst of all this your testimony is created. For those of you who don’t know what a testimony is; it is the moments in your life that define who you are and what you have been through. You were put on this earth for a great purpose. You have to take these moments and share it with others. Your testimony can do great changes in someone’s life. We are so quick to react to people and the way they are sometimes that we don’t see what they have hidden behind all their emotion. There is so much to relate to in someone else that we need to use our testimony to reveal it. So the next time you come across someone having a bad day with a whole lot of attitude just think to yourself; ” what happened to that person in their life to make them act this way?” Next thing you know your having compassion for them.


The up’s and the down’s of life are hectic. Your family can be apart of all that craziness. The funny thing is that they can also make your life wonderful. Whoever your family is and no matter what they look like; it makes a difference to have them. Life is too short to take people for granted. So even when you disagree with them or there are those in your family that you have to distance yourself from; never let them change you for the worse. You let it always change you for the better. They are your past,present and future. No one has to be alone.