Trying something New


It’s very emotional when things start to change. You can feel happy, mad, sad, frustrated and at a loss. It’s like when you want to jump into something new and find your direction. You have all these things going on in your head and can’t seem to find which way to go. It’s frustrating and over whelming! Than I start to think, if I could just pin point exactly what it is I have a passion for and devote most my time to; I got it!

I wish it were that easy. When you have obligations and real life stuff to take care of, it’s not just a matter of 1,2,3. Than again it wouldn’t be that easy even if I was single, with barely any bills and a decent amount money. Anything worth trying is going to take change and commitment. It is going to take hard work and dedication. It is going to take trying something new and not holding back to make it to that destination.

I realized that I had to make a decision to jump or be safe. I realized that you either don’t have faith or you do. I realized that you work your but off or you just don’t! I realized that trying something new is an amazing experience, that you take with you in your life. The very thing that you try, just might be what you become for the rest of your life!


Are you Living or Existing?!


Everyone gets to a point in there life, where they question; if they are on the right path to living? I don’t believe anyone is ever born saying they just want to exist in this world. They come from the womb full of life, but than life happens! The moment the body is born it begins to die! As we go through each day we are so consumed by what we have to do versus what we would like to do.

It’s hard trying to find out where you are going with your life and if it is fulfilling you as would hope. Than you start to wonder if you are actually taking action on these things that run through your mind. We all get caught up in having to pay bills, living pay check to pay check, providing for the ones we love and being over burdened by the other things that happen to us in this world. We start to lose ourselves and we start to lose our passion for living.

This is the moment we have to stop, breathe and whoo saw. Life is too short to just exist. You have to live every day like it is your last. If you went to the doctor today and he said, ” I’m sorry but you only have 3 months to live?” what would you do then? There is a way to live and still take care of your priorities. We don’t know where time is going to take us or what could happen tomorrow, but we can control today! Stop to think about how you can change your life so you are LIVING AND NOT EXISTING! Make the decision today THAT THE ONLY REGRETS YOU WANT TO HAVE, ARE THOSE THAT YOU CAN FORGIVE AND RE-LIVE! WILL YOU LIVE OR EXIST?


What will You Leave Behind?

If you died today what would your Legacy be? Would you really be satisfied with all the things you accomplished in this lifetime? I use to think about what my future would hold when I got older. I had big dreams to become a singer and a songwriter. I was going to graduate college and than travel around the world with a big record label. I was excited just thinking about it all. Yea, I was going to be big!

Than time went by and I grew up. I was still very determined and focused on my dreams and my goals. I was at the top of my game in high school. I was on the Principals Honor Roll, Peer Leader Union, ASB, and I even tutored. I was a busy body. I believe that we make choices, but we are not our choices unless we allow them to take full control. In all my determination to become my dream I made a different decision that ended up changing my life forever.

I found out I was pregnant at 17, got lucky that it was after I graduated high school and that my first born was coming August of the following year. Wow, my life changed forever in an instant! You know what though; I didn’t let it break me. I refused to sit there and become another statistic. I went through the emotions of being hard on myself and thinking that I messed up big time. I ruined everything I ever had planned for myself and how disappointed I was in myself. As humans we tend to go through that phase of, “woe is me.” When in reality, it’s ok to feel that for a moment in time; but not allow it to over take your life.

If I would of stayed in that mindset, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am a Marketing Manager for a huge Dental company. I have received my Financial Services License and I am on my way to receiving my Real Estate License as well. I have such huge plans and dreams for the future! I am excited to provide others with the help they need and still be able to provide a fulfilling future for my sons! Even though my dream plan has changed it is going to be fulfilling in the eyes of my children, and they mean everything to me. Everything I do, I do for them. If I never would of pushed myself or changed my state of mind, I would be just another young age pregnant statistic that did nothing important with her life. I decided to brush myself off and now I am working to leave a legacy behind for the ones I love! No matter how many times you’ve made a bad decision or got knocked down; YOU CAN MAKE IT! AND WHEN YOU DO, WHAT LEGACY WILL YOU LEAVE BEHIND?

Change is Coming!

I know it’s hard right now and you don’t know where to turn, CHANGE IS COMING!

I know you’re holding onto hope, but it feels like everything is coming against you; CHANGE IS COMING!

I know you’re tired of the bills piling up and there being no food in your fridge, CHANGE IS COMING!

I know you’re sick of asking for gas money just to make it to work, CHANGE IS COMING!

I know you wish someone would be there for you and tell you everything is alright, CHANGE IS COMING!

I know you’re holding the weight of your family on you’re shoulders and you can’t give up, because if you do they drown in their comfortability; CHANGE IS COMING!

I know you pray every day and night asking God why me and feel he doesn’t hear you; CHANGE IS COMING!



I Refuse!

Everyday I have to take care of my priorities, before I take care of myself. I am a mother of three boys, I have cars and bills that need to be paid on time. I am someone who has to do it, even if I don’t want to do it.

For example, staying at a job that I don’t want to do anymore, but I have no choice. There is no one that can pick up the weight to relieve me. I’m ok with that, but what I’m not ok with; is doing it for the rest of my life. I refuse to live from pay check to pay check and not have a home. I refuse to sit here and settle for less and be stuck at a job that will never satisfy me. I refuse to let this world dictate my situation just because I had my first son at eighteen years old. I refuse to quit! I refuse to say it’s ok that other people can become successful, but I can’t!

No, I can! I will work it out to where I can switch to a job that will allow me to work towards my future. I will get a home for my boys by the time I’m 30 because they deserve it. My husband and I will travel the world when we get older and not have to worry about money. I refuse to believe any less! I refuse to let situations in life take my joy and my progress away from me! I refuse to let the things that people say stop me from moving forward, because one day I will be giving them part of that dream come true! They will have nothing left to say at that moment, but I refuse to boast! I will continue to stay humble and trust in God! I refuse to die and leave no legacy behind for the ones I love!

Watch me make this happen, because I refuse not to!

Know your Worth !!

Every day you will be challenged and question who you are and where your life is going. You can not let this stop you from fulfilling your goals. “The Saddest thing in life is a waste of talent.” -Robert Deniro or better yet I say, “The saddest thing in life is a waste of life.” -Iriana Monique.

This is the way I look at it, is that you only have one life to live. The choices you make from the day your born and until the day you die will mold you into who you are, what you are and what you will leave behind. That’s right what you will leave behind. You were born to leave behind a legacy no matter how big or small. You were created to inspire and change someone’s life. You don’t have to be Famous or a Historic Figure. You are who you were created to be; with the mission that God gave you. So know this every second of everyday.

Know your worth in everything you do. Don’t let anything or anyone make you feel less. We were created for grand amazing things to be done by our will power. If you put your mind to it and work really hard you can reach your dreams and goals. It is when we sit there and keep doubting ourselves and not doing anything to keep pushing forward. You don’t want to look back on your life and say, ” I wish I would of done more!” You have time to go after these things now! I don’t care how old you are or that you think you ran out of time. As you walk this earth, make sure that you know your self worth and that you are living; rather than existing. You are Worthy!!



A Mothers Strength


When you first become pregnant all that you have on your mind is your baby. How your baby is going to look, how your baby is going to laugh, how your going to be able to take care of such a small tiny person, and how you can’t wait to see your baby do all the amazing things they were meant to do.It never crosses your mind that one day you would be sitting in a waiting room of the Loma Linda Hospital waiting for your second born to come out of surgery.

As Mothers we think about all the good and beautiful things that are babies are going to endure; but when that moment hits that they need help far beyond your care…your whole world stops. From the time he was born, my middle son was always so happy. He was lay back, relaxed, smart and goofy. He still is everyday and every moment. These are all the things that I am keeping in my mind to keep me strong as their operating on his little body. We found out just earlier this year that he would have to get Hernia Surgery. Now for some people that may not be a big deal, but for a Mother that is one of the scariest things we could ever go through. Your precious child in harms way. Every second that he is back there feels like eternity.

For our Children we are their caregivers, their nurturers, and their protectors. So at a time like this when all I can do is leave it in the hands of God and the Surgeons I pray like there’s no tomorrow. God created us Mothers to be survivors, conquerers, inspirations; but most of all to be strong in the midst of the storm. This is where my faith and strength are tested the most; when my babies lives are on the line. I will continue to know that they will overcome and that the strength God gave me is no where compare to the hearts, minds, souls, and spirits that God blessed me with in all of my babies. They are truly a blessing to me and they are MY STRENGTH!