At a Stand Still

Do you ever feel like you’re at a stand still? Like the whole world is moving at a pace and people are going some where but you feel like you aren’t? Do you ever hold your breath, just to feel your heart beat stop to remind you that you are still alive? Does anything else matter at this point when you feel like you have no direction?

The truth is there could be a number of reasons you feel your life is at a stand still. It could just be that you took a moment to take in the scene that’s in front of you; just to be mesmerized by the beauty of the land and not what’s placed in it. Than again you could be going through a job loss or a heart break and you feel there’s no where to turn to. That even when you explain yourself to people, they just don’t seem to get you. I think sometimes we don’t even understand ourselves for a moment. Yes, this all sounds confusing but when you’re at a stand still trying to find where your meant to go… the face is a puzzling expression.

or is it just me? I guess I’ll just stand here and wait and see.


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