The Moment of Bouncing Back

Take a look at this photo, WOW you would never guess I had a baby just two months ago. So you know how sometimes in your life you go through huge changes. I’m talking about the full on heavy mental and physical change that everyone tries to play it off like it’s nothing. Well that was me after baby #3. Yea yea some people would like to smack me right now and say “really you just had a baby, it takes time for your body to get back to normal.” Screw that!! I want my body back now. I hate as a woman it couldn’t just be simple to have a kid. You know we couldn’t just endure the labor pain and than BAM!! back to normal. I say normal like it’s defined in only one way. The truth is we have all these extra symptoms that are pointless. We have the excessive stretch marks, the crazy cravings, and the wild raging hormones that do all kinds of things to our bodies. My point is; this is all the reflection of major changes we go through in life. You think as a person your the only one going through it at the moment but there is literally someone going through it right now. JUST LIKE YOU. This is to remind you that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. You are not alone in your circumstance and hell yea you are a conqueror. So get your bounce on lol.


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